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Tag Your Instagram Photos of Tuscany #TooMuchTuscany

I’m in love with Instagram, but you probably know it. What you don’t know it’s that there are almost 5.000 photos tagged as #toomuchtuscany! Lots of people decided to tag their photos of Tuscany with my tag. I like all of them and most of the times I got inspired by those pictures, planning my […]

Tuscany Non Plus Ultra: Sammezzano Castle

It took me 4 years to visit this hidden Tuscan gem, called Sammezzano Castle. I had only one hour to visit it, but still it was worthy to visit Tuscany Non Plus Ultra. So finally here my pictures of Castello di Sammezzano! TooMuchSammezzano The Castle of Sammezzano is large building located on top of a […]

Cin, cin to September!

The Germans have Oktoberfest – and you might say that the Italians have Septemberfest, with the grape harvesting celebrations all over the place. The vino novello, or new wine, gushes out of the big barrels and secures everyone of a good start of the second part of 2015. Besides wine festivities, September is overflowing with […]

August events in Tuscany

August is here and it was hard not to miss due to its stormy arrival. After an impressive cloudburst, causing a lot of damage in the south of Florence, it’s now back to classic August weather: burning hot with only a teeny bit of wind now and then. In other words, perfect beach weather. No […]

Hot July events in Tuscany

Wow, this is too much – and I’m not only talking about the heat. The abundance of choice is simply overwhelming this July! Are we going to go shopping till we’re dropping? Visiting all the Sagre until we’ll be exploding or are we going to be rockin’and rollin’ at the various fantastic music festivals this […]

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