First hotel in San Gimignano sanitised with biocide filtration with NTP ionisation and cold plasma

Hotel Sovestro a San Gimignano

Just 2 km far from the famous towers of San Gimignano

Rooms in hotel San Gimignano

All rooms at hotel have free wi-fi and either a small private garden overlooking one of the hotel's pools or a private balcony overlooking the Tuscan countryside that surrounds the building.

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Restaurant and breakfast with products for celiacs




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«Home Away from Home»

We, like a lot of other guests, return annually because this hotel has it all. Sergio and all the staff are so welcoming, and they make it feel like your home away from home. The large pool is a quiet oasis after a busy day of sightseeing. It’s fun to have drinks out by the pool and visit with other guests

The perfect starting point to discover the wonders of Tuscany

Stay with us... from here you can easily reach the major artistic centers of the region and discover the Tuscan food and wine tradition

Things to do near San Gimignano

Tuscany, land of hills, on whose heights perched towns rise and of valleys made of yellow wheat and green vineyards.

Excursions and guided tours

Excursions and guided tours

Discover San Gimignano and the nature that surrounds it by making outdoor experiences with an expert hiking and tourist guide!
Here are a couple of proposals by Erica Masini: 
- the Via Francigena, the

The bike.... to discover the Chianti area, Valdelsa area and Valdera area

The bike.... to discover the Chianti area, Valdelsa area and Valdera area

Together with Daniele Righi, a professional cyclist, you can organize a day on a racing bike routes towards the hills of Chianti: you work out and enjoy the beauty of Tuscany by cycling.

Routes from 50 to



Is Italy for you synonym of Dolce Vita? Discover the breathtaking overview of our countries, of our boroughs and of our cities riding a Vespa! Otherwise you can find scooter and motorbikes as well Centromoto By Chianti

T-Rafting on the Elsa River

T-Rafting on the Elsa River

Around the river Elsa, in the municipality of Colle di Val d'Elsa, a few minutes drive from San Gimignano, was created the "Sentierelsa": a river park with beautiful views, where you can relax and enjoy nature ... or, perfect for



Tuscan cuisine is simple and tasty. Learning how to make the dishes you tasted for the first time while you were on holiday in Tuscany gives you the chance to take back home the flavors of this experience and recall your Tuscan memories anytime



Tuscany is a treasure of artistic beauties of great charming and many are those,who have chosen this Destination just for this reason. Museums and Art Exhibitions of our area are really a lot. We include some of them, where you can also buy

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